Sono un informatico che si diverte un mondo a scoprire come usare al meglio la tecnologia disponibile, e se possibile inventarne di nuova.
Nei miei viaggi nel web spesso incontro delle gemme e altre cose da condividere, e quando posso scrivo degli articoli.

I’m a computer scientist who has great fun discovering how to use at best available technology, and if i can, even to design new stuff!
While i browse the web i often find shiny things that i really want to share, and when i get time i write some blog posts about.


One comment

  1. I have a concept for a robot, and I want to bring it to market. Are you willing to assist in some engineering?
    It has a fundamental use that could really benefit mankind, however it needs some articulation.

    As I am Italian also I just felt comfortable asking. Hoping its serendipitous. I have a programmer who does not know how to bridge into robot code, and a graphic designer I am trying to express my concept to but he is just not able to bridge it…

    Contact me back,


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