Naev Review

Naev is a great game of space exploration, set in a galaxy where the Empire has fallen into various factions and the original Sol system and neighbouring planet systems have been devastated by the Incident, which left a misterious and caustic nebula.

Discover planet systems, fight pirates, haul huge cargo, find hidden jump points and other secrets. Factions have each a very distinctive and original way of life, all from human legacy, but each with a very different philosophy about society, spaceships and politics.

Climb the social ladder in the Empire to gain access to even more powerful weapons and capital ships, and gain reputation with other factions to get access to their home worlds.

There are more than 1000 planets or stations, 70 spaceships, 100 weapons and 120 of other modification and gadgets that can be used to customize playing style and tweak battle performance.

Take a side in the war between factions with over 12 mission trees, with some featuring large scale battles with hundreds of ship at once.

Even after finishing the game, after having explored the huge galaxy, the fun doesn’t stop as the game is Open Source, and the game is still in development with and active community.


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