Aliexpress Development Boards Part 5

Crowduino M0 SD

Schermata del 2016-11-06 00-12-38.png

Approximate price:~11€

  • Same processor as Arduino Zero (ARM, 256Kb Flash, 32Kb RAM, 16Kb EEPROM)
  • Built-in SD card, same compatibility as the SD in the Ethernet shield
  • Mini USB, low profile power jack

Excellent board if you want to play with a new Arduino M0 and your project involves data logging. If you somewhat need WiFi, any ESP8266 based solution is better.
There is also a version with the classic ATmega328, instead of the M0.

Esp8266 IOT Board battery


Approximate price: ~9,50€

  • The awesome ESP8266, with Nodemcu v0.9 compatibility
  • LiPo one cell battery charger(100mA rate), power adapter
  • 2 3.3v regulated supply pins

This is as near as you get to a complete Internet of Thing sensor node, with the possibility to add 3-4 sensors, all powered by a LiPo cell.
An important thing to consider is that there is no battery monitoring, you don’t have a pin where you can see at what level the battery is. You can add this using the A0 pin of the ESP, measuring indirectly the voltage on pin Vin.

The ESP3212 Nodemcu


The ESP3212 is the high end version of the ESP8266, and as the ESP8266 when was introduced, it is a deal you cannot refuse.
The module has:

  • 240MHz dual core processor
  • 540Kb RAM
  • WiFi b/g/n 135Mbps stream speed
  • Buetooth 4.2+Bluetooth Low Energy
  • 16Mb flash
  • -40 + 125° operating range
  • 32 GPIO including 3 UART, 3 SPI, 2 I2S, 12 ADC, 2 DAC
  • 2.5uA deep sleep, <100mA normal current use

This board breaks out the bare module in a nodemcu fashion, breadboard friendly pins, USB programmer and a miriad of useable pins.


The approximate price is ~21€, but this is bound to lower over time, as more manufacturers get hands on the modules. The raw price of the board is ~9€


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