What are some mind blowing technologies that exist that most people don’t know about?

What are some mind blowing technologies that exist that most people don't know about? by Valerio Cietto

Answer by Valerio Cietto:

ESP8266. They are tiny computers with Wi-Fi. They cost about 3-4$, have 4Mb of memory, can do anything an Arduino can do and are 2x3x0.2cm. Maybe this wouldn't sound wonderful, but they will likely change the world a little letting makers and companies to make IoT products that are affordable. These little beasts can enable swarm robotics!
For example this is a good tiny board to try it:

Hadoop. Ever wondered if you can just cobble more PC together and get more power? With the Hadoop software task you can make your own personal supercomputer out of 20-50$ single board computers like Raspberry Pi.
Raspberry Pi Zero. 5$ and you get a computer motherboard. They are so popular that when 20k of units is restocked usually they get sold out in hours.

JavaScript. The language. So many libraries add new functions and the browser can use optimizations to run it as fast as native code. Learn it and you can rule almost any machine.
You can even learn it with interactive examples! http://www.w3schools.com/js/

Global e-commerce. 90% of what is sold in a supermarket is imported. Just find the seller and buy directly from him to save money. Same applies also in the reverse. Do you have a good product/service/competence to sell? Now you can easily expand the horizon.

Commoditized software development.  You can buy templates to make websites, apps, pay on use API that use big data on the back end, rent CPU, RAM, storage for cheap. That means if you have a good idea you don't need to open a start up, but can try if it works with minimal effort.
To get an idea of what i'm talking go there http://themeforest.net

Home robots. Robot vacuums are cheap now, and change life a little. Before I wasn't just caring much about the floors and had a mild dust allergy. Now that I have a bot to clean the rooms once a day while I'm away i'm free to do more meaningful things, breathe better, I don't worry nomore if something falls and I can't find it or some powder or glass falls. Plus I hacked it to gather metals with some magnets on the front.

Mesh WiFi Networking. In a mesh network each node can send, receive and relay messages. If you just want send a message to the neighbor, you can just send it directly to him, without passing trough an Intenet Service Provider, with lower latency, higher band and more reliable connection. The Mesh Networking expands this kind of messaging also to neighbors of neighbors , where your every node relays messages to others, until message reaches the destination. This can be done on consumer networking hardware, and can be made faster with some WiMax bridges, which are more powerful antennas. Mesh networking enables services in the local community like free video calls, video streaming, sharing easily data storage, free web hosting.
Ninux mesh networking http://wiki.ninux.org/FrontPage

What are some mind blowing technologies that exist that most people don't know about?


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