The Highest End Smartphone

Let’s make a thought experiment.
I have near infinite money and I want to have in the pocket how much computer power I can get inside of it.
How much it would cost?
Easy, just as much of the developing costs of the “best” phone in terms of computing power!
If there would be a way to get more power inside a phone a company would likely have researched it and implemented it to get a competitive edge over other companies and get the sales to power users and people who have money and think they must get the best they can.

However the phones are limited to puny octacores, only 4Gb of RAM, and few Gb of storage.
PC Workstations are better as they can get 16 cores, 64-128Gb of RAM, and a Petabyte RAID.
Any personal device pales in comparison to a distributed computing system like the Google Data Centers, Amazon EC² or other massive system.
It would make sense to just improve as much as possible the network connectivity of the phone, to have as less latency as possible and harness the power of these beasts.
Wi-Fi 802.11ac gives a theoretical output of >1300 Gbps which is the fastest trough air connection you can get now.
Storage is a bit harder to get right. There is no point in having Tb of data, if you must wait seconds or minutes to get the data. So it makes sense to have search algorythms in place, or a search engine doing it for you and store your data in the search engine database.
If you are near enough to your data center you can even remote control the supercomputer directly, trough a graphical interface.
To save costs in networking you can even attach yourself directly to the internet backbone, as a peer.


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