Things that shouldn’t miss in an Arduino starter kit

Arduino is a perfect platform for beginners to start wetting themselves with electronics and a starter kit should include all tools of the trade to begin making electronics projects.

A good candidate to be included in a starter kit should be:

  • indeed used in most electronics products
  • as cheap as possible
  • easy to use
  • well documented

To refine it better I consider a part a good one if it is available for <5€, huge number of produced pieces per year and exist example code for Arduino 🙂

So here my dream kit – bold means essential, italic means nice to have-:

  • Arduino Uno or Nano
    Derivative boards are alright.
  • Usb cable
  • Led 4 or 5mm any color
    consider 100pieces sets
  • Resistor kit
    5% accuracy or finer is alright.
    consider 1000+ pieces sets
  • Capacitor kit
    no need for high capacitance, just until 470uF.
    consider 1000+pieces sets
    Better electrolytic.
  • L293d DIP IC
    to drive small motors in a more complex way
  • Piezo buzzer 5v
    to make beeping sounds.
    consider 10 pieces sets
  • Tact switch buttons
    consider 100 pieces sets
  • Switches
    consider 100 pieces sets
  • Breadboard 400pt
  • Jumper MM & FF & MF
    wires to connect things, male and female pins.
    consider 60-65 pieces sets
  • Diodes 1n4007
    force current to go only in one direction
    consider 100 pieces sets
  • 74HC595
    8 bit shift register answers the question “how I can get more pins?”
    consider 20-100 pieces sets
  • NE555 timer
    Simple IC that blink an LED with interval settable with a resistor and a capacitor.
    consider 20-100 pieces sets
  • L9110 motor driver module
    to drive small dc motors
  • HC-SR04
    ultrasonic rangefinder
  • DHT11 temperature & humidity sensor
  • MPU 6050 Gyro+Accellerometer
  • Photoresistors
    to sense light
    consider 100 pieces sets
  • Thermoresistors
    to sense themperature
    consider 100 pieces sets
  • Potentiometers
  • Led RGB
    consider 100 pieces sets
  • IR receiver + IR led or remote
  • Relay module
  • 28BYJ-48 5v stepper + ULN2003 driver
    a small cheap stepper motor

These are the parts I really used this year, and are fun or interesting to use:)


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