Android phone as a security camera

Do you want an high end wi-fi, gsm, gps, 3G enabled security system, easy to setup, low maintenance, black out proof?
Use old android phones as security webcams with easy to use apps!internet printer

You absolutely don’t need the newest phones, even old used android phone are good as their cameras!
Android phones can be got for about 40€ used, and even phones with broken screens are good, as long as you can install apps on them.
As comparison professional Wi-Fi IP cameras have a price between 20 and 80€ depending on optionals, and all require memory storage and power management, sold separately, which is included in smartphones.
Low performance battery isn’t an issue, you will want to run them tethered to a usb cable, to get steady current all day, and even 10minutes of battery is enough to bridge a temporary black out or tell you there has been a black out in your home.

The app Tasker, can be used with IP Webcam app to trigger events, like playing sounds, light up the led, make a call or whatever a phone can do.
You can set up also custom if-then rules with tasker, like send you a sms in case of low battery as it is a probable black out and the wifi router will be offline.
Screenshot from 2015-12-20 19:07:40.png

The IP Webcam Pro app can stream the camera and offer a nice control panel which lets you zoom in, toggle the flashlight, get an higher quality stream and see log of sensor data. Sensor data include GPS, accellerometer and magnetometer.
It offers also the ability to snap photos, continuous registration on the device, preview and download what has registered and register sounds.

Screenshot from 2015-12-20 19:09:25.png

To mount phones i recommend to fix them near doors and windows, three nails or a custom 3d printed holder. Nails not on the phone, around it…

In order to get the stream outside local network, you must configure the router to have port forwarding enabled to the address of the smartphone, and even better would be to have a Dynamic DNS domain name registered, from web services like DuckDNS, NoIP, DynDNS.
Then you will be able to get data from the outside network!
Be sure to set up a password to the webcam, as if you don’t do it others will be able to snoop into your home using your security system.


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