Aliexpress Development Boards part 3

WeMos D1


The WeMos D1 board is a board targeted to Arduino Uno enthusiast, and anyone who has heard of the cheap Wi-Fi chip ESP8266, but still haven’t managed to program one without an usb board or just want to use an arduino shield over a ESP8266.
At 6.44€ it is the most affordable way to get feet wet with an ARM using the arduino shape, and with Wi-Fi, that is an optional that is usually provided by ESP8266-01 modules or expensive shields.
Anyway this is not a strictly better board than an Arduino Uno, as it has only one ADC pin, with max input voltage at 1V, so you won’t use it with any shield using analog pins of the Uno.
The digital pins however are more capable, as the ESP12 runs at 80MHz and can emulate fast serial, pwm or drive servos on any pin.
The regulators on the opposite side should provide enough current for most applications but I wouldn’t trust them much as the alimentation is shared with the ESP12, and if the mcu lacks current it crashes the program and wifi.
I still haven’t tried one, but having lots of experience with nodemcu boards, this will on my Chrystmas list.

MWC ATmega328
MWC atmega328+gyro

Found by simply looking for all boards using ATmega328 on Aliexpress, I wonder why this little board doesn’t get more love.
It is an arduino Uno derivate, with micro usb connector, an MPU6050 soldered and wired to SDA/SCL pins, and friendly GPIO GVS headers.
It is sold by several sellers, with price ranging from 10€ to 12€, with an handful of very positive reviews.

Touch LCD Screen Module

cheap lcd touch

There are many sellers for this shield, ranging from 2.78€ to 5€. This is a cool screen for any multimedia projects, and for the price of a Arduino Uno derivate and this you can have maybe the cheapest tablet, for less than 6€.
Finding the right libraries to make this to work is not a beginner task, and I managed to write images to it using Adafruit libraries.
It can also display images from a microSD card, but is a feature I haven’t tried yet.


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